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Message from the Head

The inception of the Department of Human Resource Management was remarked in 2018 as one of the newest departments in the Faculty of Management Studies, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, which enjoys a long and proud history in the Sri Lankan university system since 1996. The journey we embarked on a well-structured plan was headed by Mr. WWAN Sujeewa, the pioneer, the former head of the department and it is currently under the leadership of Dr. Sampath Kappagoda. As a family, we take pride in creating the potential HRM leaders nationally and internationally and resilient characters who contend to “make things possible” in the volatile world of work. We produce esteemed graduates with a profound body of knowledge, skills, and competencies to cater to the requirements of the industry by offering the Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Human Resource Management as a four-year degree which consists of eight semesters. A quadrennial curriculum revision is expected to follow to enhance the quality of this degree program. In order to give graceful industry exposure, we have planned to send our third-year students for semester-wise internships while final-year undergraduates experience an internship of six months. All undergraduates are entitled to the Skills Development program, which helps them to improve their competency profile. It consists of a series of guest lectures, workshops, seminars, and industry visits with the collaboration of the industry to impart knowledge and experience in terms of industry expectations, business practicality, disciplinary edge, attitude rigor, and optimism. In 2020, we reached a milestone in our journey, which is the introduction of the Association of the Department of Human Resource Management Students – AHRMS - which enables students to escalate their talents, capabilities, and leadership. In 2022, AHRMS has planned to launch the English Club - Voice of HR - for HRM undergraduates to improve their English proficiency in Speaking. Embodying “A Glimpse into the Future HR”, the motto of AHRMS, students organizes a series of academic events, talent shows as well as CSR projects for the community. Stepping to a new destination, We, the HRM family has introduced a Diploma in Counselling for internal HRM students and a Diploma in HRM (DipHRM) for external students in 2021 to enhance their profile in the job market. Further, the Department of HRM introduced an annual academic magazine - HR Glimmer - including articles written by undergraduates by addressing the trends and contemporary issues in HRM. This helps students to contextualize their learnings in various avenues from both industry and academia with the integration of diverse perspectives in the corporate world as well as social realities. We are well occupied with resources especially a committed pool of lecturers who denote excellent academic credentials. They equip a set of innovative teaching ways including student-centered learning, knowledge-based lecture rooms, and skill-driven workshops to build good interactions with students.

Aims of the Degree program

The B.Sc. (Honours) in HRM degree designed to suite the disciplines required by a modern manager, and gain vital communication, negotiation, leadership and teamwork skills, while developing a systematic detailed knowledge of work, employment and HRM regulations and practice.

Programme aims:

  • Provide a stimulating and challenging learning experience for those who want to develop a career in Human Resource Management;
  • Provide a rigorous HR syllabus that is based upon the Faculty research expertise;
  • Develop students' underpinning knowledge for continuing professional development in HR;
  • Enable students to combine research and theoretical knowledge with professional application

Head of the Department

Mr.W.W.A.N Sujeewa
Head of The Department
Senior Lecturer

Email : nasutwin@gmail.com
Tel : +94 71 6838733

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