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Department of Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science Honors in Information Systems is a four-year study program consisting of eight semesters of teaching and learning. In the first year, students follow a set of compulsory courses focusing on the key elements of Management and Information Systems. From the second year onwards, students shall learn courses specifically related to core competencies in information technology and business management including research components and projects. In the second semester of the fourth year, students shall undergo industrial training for six (06) months to obtain exposure to the ‘world of work’ in a business establishment. The department of information systems offers optional courses for the undergraduates, targeting various career paths of information systems and management fields enhancing the flexibility of the program.

Graduate Profile of the Department of Information Systems

The graduate of the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Management Studies, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is a scholar with broad knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the disciplines of information systems and management. The graduates will be leaders with confidence, inspiration, and influential power that searching for opportunities, taking responsibilities, thinking critically, and working with others for the betterment of society. They will be global citizens that accept and adhere to cultural differences and act with integrity and fluency across cultures and perspectives. The graduates will behave ethically and legally with moral values, motivating towards self-learning, and adapting to the changing environment by maintaining professionalism through continuous professional development. The attributes of the graduates,

  • Scholar
  • Expertise
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Global citizen
  • Self-learning and adapting
  • Professionalism

Head of the Department

Mr.P.G. Munasinghe
Head of The Department
Senior Lecturer
B. Sc. (University of Colombo)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Technology (University of Colombo)
Master in Computer Science (University of Colombo)

Email : pgm653@yahoo.com
Tel : +94 71 6838730

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