Student Record Book

  • You should keep the student record book when you are attending to academic maters.
  • You can submit it for signing Mahapola / Bursary if you are failed to submit the student ID

Renewal of Record book

  • Each Semester you should renew the record book. In the first semester should pay Rs. 150/= as the renewal fee.

When you Lost the Record Books, Follow below mentioned steps :

  1. Make a request to Assistant Registrar of the Faculty
  2. Get the police report & report of the guard room
  3. Pay the amount of Rs. 25/= to shroff counter (Payment voucher will be submitted by AR office) and Submit the receipt to Assistant Registrar along with police report and report of the guard room.
  4. It will take maximum of one week to issue a new record book. You can collect the new record book from the A/R office.